Monday, October 27, 2014

tricks of the trade

Good morning, how are you all doing, well woke up today to
snow on the ground, so how do you think I am doing.....
Usually snow on the ground means it sticks around and
will here until spring. Oh well whats a girl going to do,
I am adapting, last week in 95 degree weather, and this
week snow.
Ok enough moaning about the weather, as you will
notice the faces are the same, but the back ground is
different.  I make backgrounds, slaving away in the studio,
scan them, and store them on the computer.  And when
I don't like the way a picture turns out, I go to photoshop
and switch up my backgrounds, and its like you have
a whole new picture.  That's one of my tricks of the trade,
do you have any, lets share.


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