Thursday, October 30, 2014

when your Brain gets in the way

this is what happens to my brain when I
am trying to learn to draw it better, I have
pages and pages of these all different, trying
to make them right.  In my brain, I know
they look fine, they are my style, but something
in there is saying, your buildings should look
realistic, but I know its not my style.  I wish
the other side of my brain would just shut
the hell up and the listen to the rational part once in a while


  1. You're right! Tell that inner critic to go live someplace else. Your art is YOUR art. It represents who you are and I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I love your style too, Lee, but if you WANT to do more realistic drwaings, I might have the right weapon for you. I've bought loads of books on how to draw, and it's all the same, drawing is still not easy foe me. But, one of my fellow students suggested a book for me, and magic happened immediately. The book is called : Drawing on the right side of the brain, by Betty Edwards. Try the library, and watch the magic happen. It's incredible, nothing less.

  3. thanks Laila I will read the book and see what happens


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