Saturday, October 04, 2014

Splotchy color is in....

Her face is splotchy
but I still like the way she turned out
today is a Costco Run, god help me
need new pens from my favourite art store
its cold, so warm coat weather
next week on project runway stay tuned for plus size exercise wear
I am having a lot of fun designing these outfits and drawing the girls


  1. Have a safe trip out! It's wild here today and set to get wilder! Love your splotchy colour, the blue with the white lines looks fab.

  2. Her hair is fantastic,,,and I like the splotchy color. I'll be here for the exercise wear. Sounds like fun...well, except for the exercise part!!

  3. lee your girl looks great! I can't wait to see your plus size wear - I'm doing some sort of model silhouette painting - sort of like the ones you did before - lots of color but with no facial features. Today I was watching some of project Canada Series 1 - I saw almost all of series 2. This week I also saw some of project phillipines, project manila, and project viet nam . . .I've been drawing all over the world! Later!!!!

  4. Beautiful, I love the colours.


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