Saturday, October 25, 2014

girls gone middle aged

let the bells ring out I am home.  My homecoming was less than
thrilling, you know all the time you spend waiting at the
airport, and then when you finally get home, I am
not feeling so great.  My stomach is rolling around
and I am thinking I have got some kind of bug,
and then its like a mild flu bug, but it
keeps you down for about two days.  Today
I finally feel more like myself.  Anway  I had a great
time with my gal pals, we shopped and shopped,
and still I did not spend my limit, what's that
about, I must have contracted that fever early.  We also went to
to three movies, I know , I know are you middle-aged bordering on
old or what.  But honestly movies are 6.50 there for a senior
I think senior age there is 50, my age, that's my story and
I am sticking to it.  And to top it all off you buy one bag of
popcorn, you save the bag and bring it back the next time
you are at a movie, and free popcorn.
Here where I live in Canada, if you want to go out to the
movies, first you mortgage your house, and if you want
1000 million calorie laden popcorn (and who doesn't) plus the diet coke to counter balance the effect of the popcorn,
you have to sell your first born.  I would move there
just for the movie deal.  Ok enough about my cheapness,
this is us deciding what movie to go to, and before we
left we had seen  three of them, but missed the Judge

and after all that if you want to see a great song video and a sneak peek at my daughters main squeeze who just happens to sing on the video take a look at the link.


  1. Very humorous post and sooo true about movies in Canada....Cupcake always gets free movies here and girl you are NOT cheap...the prices are insane!! Loved the video and song it was awesome...thanks for sharing!! Love the art as always... You are so inspirational!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Oh and I hope you're feeling better too! I had that a couple weeks back...

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love the video and the music!!

    I always think movies are expensive here but it sounds like yours may be more. I don't go very often because I hate sitting still that long! At home I can pause a video, get up and walk around but if I do that at the movies I miss something.


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