Friday, October 17, 2014

project runway week 4 swimsuit challenge

Welcome to the swim suit challenge.  And it is a challenge
for the designers this week, some of the suits are not
fitting to well in the bodice, or gaping in the back, its
all about the fit in a
bathing suit, and you need a great set of not only designing skills, you need to know how to fit, and sew.  Now this suit, seems to meet all our criteria Nina, and the model even have a tan.  Love the color and the classic little skirt at the bottom, and the two toned bodice, this just might be a winner.
Stay tuned next week for the Pattern challenge


  1. LOVE this one! She looks fabulous on the runway. Maybe 50 years ago I might have worn a two-piece suit like this but not one needs that kind of scare!!

  2. beautiful suit! i may have to steal it for a dress design!!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful, Lee. Why are you not a designer? I love the flowery runway as well as the model.


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