Thursday, November 30, 2006

On the First Day of Christmas

Posting this one day early as I am going shopping for xmas presents tommorow night and will be to tired to post. Day one of the Christmas Art Journal - I have been thinking about my studio friday (colour) all week, and I went through my inspiration folder and found my colour pallet, I have this picture out of a magazine (i dont know how old) and when I look at it it makes me happy, the colours draw me in. I know enough of that!!!! Well I get the car back tommorow, yeah, he said he was 95% sure that it would be ready, I hope it is or I will be renting one for the weekend. I need my own car, no sharing with hubby, we do different errands on SAturday I do my own thing, art store, etc, he is not interested. Well gotta to go and post my studio friday. Talk to you Saturday.....


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