Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Botox or not

No i am not getting Botox, but was watching Entertainment tonight the other night and Lisa Remi (I think that's how you spell it ) was on, and those lips are not natural, and I wondered to myself why people do that to there lips. I realize once you start to get old you lips shrink into your face and eventually it looks like your lipless, but could I get that done the answer is no. So I decided to create a peice about it.... Well today was beautiful sunny and the snow was melting which is great. I spent last night working on Photoshop trying to get my Studio Friday challenge peice ready. I am learning photoshop slowly, really slowly. I wish I knew blogger better I would change up my banner and make it look much better, but haven't discovered how to do it, but am not giving up. Well should hit the road, talk to you tommorow.


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