Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am in the Christmas Spirit.......

I was feeling like Christmas last night and made this layout. I totatly scraplifted from Ali Edwards, who got her idea from a catalogue, it turned out pretty good and I went to Michaels and bought the frame. I was happy with it. Today the daughter and I went to the Christmas Craft Fair, bought a few things, did a few more errands and came home. The weather looks like snow, and the forecast is for snow. Just me and hubby for dinner tonight, the daughter is out and about. We are barbequing steak. We barbeque in all weather. Well tommorow is a holiday from work as it is a day in lieu of November 11 which fell on Saturday. No set plans, coffee with my mother, some art in the studio and thats it...... The long weekend has flown by. The hubby starts his new job on Tuesday, his retirement is over dont you think 1 week of retirement is enough. Well I should go and get the supper ready, hubby does the barbequing which is good as I hate freezing my butt off... I just looked at the picture and really dont like the way it looks on the blog, it looks much nicer in person.Talk to you tommorow.


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