Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas

Brought up some things from the basement to start decorating for christmas no not the tree I think its a tad early for that. Some people in the neighbourhood have their tree up, but Hubby would have a fit. I think a couple of more weeks for that. Well I took my honda into the repair shop yesterday and I am carless, they said a week to fix it. For those of you who dont know I backed up into a power pole, needless to say the car got the most damage. Or maybe my ego, who can hit a pole while backing up,only me according to my husband. Well we are in a big deepfreeze here with the wind chill it is minus -40 that is really cold you can freeze something in 5 minutes or less. So its best just to stay in the house. The roads are really slippery and I am glad the car is in getting fixed. I made some comfort food for a night like this, homemade vegetable beef noodle soup. I am going to toot my own horn and say its delious. Well gotta go talk to you tommorow.


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