Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday/Retirement

Well did not post much this weekend as was busy I had a birthday party and retirement party for the daughter and the hubby has you can see from the cake, First they spelled her name wrong, and got the wrong number of years for the hubby. Oh well, had a blast had about 18 people here, for food and fun. Actually the daughters birthday is Tuesdy, so we are going out for a big dinner celebration tommorow, with just the hubby , the daughter the boyfriend and me. We are giving her presents then. I had a bracellet made for her, it turned out beautiful, I will post a picture of it. She has another beautiful bracellet given to her by my brother inlaw and sister. So she now has 2 really nice pieces to grow with her. She is off for lunch with her pals, dinner with us so she is going to have a nice day. She is going to the bank to apply for her own visa, she has one now, but her dad is on it, so he can see what goes on, but she is pretty responsible and pays it and does not use it unwisely. But now she wants her own. Oh to be 18 again, I dont think I can remember that far back. I had her later in my life after we had been married many years and what a joy she has brought to us and continues to. Now the hubby is retired from his job of 32 years for exactly one week of doing nothing, he then goes to a new job which is exciting and fresh for him, he is looking forward to it. Well I quess I have rattled on about nothing for long enough. Talk to you all tommorow.


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