Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I want these....

Well Halloween is over and maybe we had 20 kids, loads of candy left, and I need it out of the house, or I will be eating it. Hubby will take it to work tommorw. These are the markers I am lusting after, now really there not that expensive 100.00 but I have to talk myself into them, can I use them, I do have another art markers, but I love to use them, just like paint. Could I wait till xmas to get them. Big decisions...keep you posted. Well yesterday I have my yearly checkup and today was my mamogram or should I say tourture a gram. But I am all healthy and ready for another year. I am going down to the studio to create a peice of art I have been thinking about all week, sometimes it does not always turn out the way you envision it. Tonight is Jerhico...looking forward to it. Talk to you tommorw.


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