Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Long do you want to be loved..

This song is by the Dixie Chicks and I love it, hence the layout, I heard it and immediately thought of this....crazy I know. Well just got home from work, to an empty house, hubby still at the new job, the daughter at her job and just me. Snow, have we had snow, tons of it and I am sick of it, give me a hot place anyday. Last year at this time we had no snow and it was 16 celcius out crazy, so I quess this year we are paying for it. Well not much to tell you that will really get you exicted, went to work as usual came home, shovelled the driveway and going to make supper. That is the extent of my excitement. So I just wanted to post my layout. So will talk to you tommorow.


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