Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its all about a girl...

I must put a disclaimer in here this is not me). This is someone I think everyone knows, someone who speaks there mind no matter how much they might hurt another person and then they feel bad about it after the fact.

Well today is a go day, just dropped the dog off a puppy daycare for the day. I am off running today, a full check up at the doctor (dont you just love those ones), bank,frame store,meeting someone for coffee and tons more errands that need to get done. I am up early and almost ready to go, so talk to you later.


  1. OOO a new type of comment box Lee - how did you make this one? its great! I hope you have a nice day there in spite of all those routine checks and chores. Love the face, and yes I think we all know someone like that in real life!

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Lee - I am having great roubles posting and other things here.... dunno I think blogger is doing something!!! Wish theyd hurry up!! I also cant see photos some of the time... annoying huh? thanks for posting your reply to me - I think this is actually a nice comment box - yes maybe blogger is upgrading? Krissie from winterwood


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