Thursday, October 16, 2008

Less is more

Do you like having your picture taken. I do not, but I dont make a big fuss about it, I just say okay and when the picture comes and it looks like crap like usual it goes straight into the filing cabinet, the garbage. This is a picture of me in Victoria, the trip with the girls. I figured it was okay to post, as I was far away, wearing black, (slimming). But god what was I thinking socks and sandals (my feet were cold). I had no art to post, so I put up this picture. I have been busy making art, but none to show yet. I have 5 on the go, 3 for the online class I am taking. I am loving the class. Was just reading Lost Luggage Blog (see sidebar)if you have not gone there go, she is amazing. Anway she mentioned in a nutshell less is more. I needed that lesson yesterday as I blazed through art store after art store. I had shopping fever, I bought art supplies I really didint need. So I am going to take that message from Juile and start applying it and use what I have and not go crazy thinking I need more.


  1. Oh you lovely thing!!!! Slimming, pshaw, with art like you do and such warmth in your posts, stop it already!!! Socks and sandals, who cares!! Were you comfortable? Were your tootsies warm? Priorities, Lee, indeed! I LOVE Julie's blog, too, and today is the first time I commented there even though I've been a 'lurker' for a few weeks now. I LOVE what she said, too, 'less is more'.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Ahh...that you guys!! I really appreciate it!! It's so true..I am so happy now with few supplies and I get a little depressed thinking about how much money I wasted buying everything in sight..learning curve for sure.


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