Sunday, October 19, 2008

I speak no evil

Do you know anyone that when they talk, everybody stops and listens. I think Maya A (Oprahs friend must be like that). I wish I was, I never have those earth shattering moments when you think god I should have wrote that down.. My daughter says I talk way to much and apparently to anyone within hearing distance. She says I am just like my mother who will stop and talk to anyone. Now when you were growing up, didnt you ever say to yourself (god I am not going to be like my mother). I stopped and said like mother like daughter, its an inherited trait so start talking.


  1. intrigued by your title... when I read it I had to smile and agree.... yes I'mlike that too, andd everyone saysI even look like my mum.... now thats what happens to you when u get older....I must be there now....

    as for everyone stopping when I speak...only my kindy kids did when I was teaching!

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I have the inherited trait but i think it is a good trait so lets just keep talking that is how we learn and others as well
    love always cousin Kathy in Vancouver


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