Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whats on your night stand...

I just thought I would show you what I have been reading. I love books...I will read anything. I have read the whole series by Sephanie Meyer. I really think the whole world has read the series, not just kids. I am waiting for the movie. I also read her grown up book called the Host and loved it...I highly recommend it. I also read anything by Patrica Cornwell, the book of the dead, while a little wordy is pretty good, just finishing up that one. Now the Secret..I tried I really tried. Who doesnt want to know the secret to happiness, wealth etc. But its just not me. I read about 20 pages and that was it for me. I think its too out there, in another realm of the world ,that just doesnt talk to me. So if you have read it and loved it great, but there are some, very few of us or just me who just dont get it.


  1. I was lucky, someone had it on a dvd.. and so I cheated - I saw it on a dvd... it went on and on beating around the bush and finally said what the whole thing was about in the last few minutes! lol.... bit of a wait, just rad the last few pages!

  2. Thank you for the spooky bedtime reading tips!

    Lee, thank you so much for leaving your gorgeous poem on my blog -- I am very grateful.


  3. Yes reading is fun....for me, I did a lot of reading with both my pregnancies, right now I don't really find the time for it....priority is on doing art or reading art related books....I still have to finish a book from nora roberts....I guess I have to get pregnant again to finish it....no just joking, I'm not planning on getting another kid but who knows....
    Have a great reading day, smiles and hugs, Anke ;)

  4. I'm a woose, I can't handle spooky reading in broad daylight much less at bedtime! So on my bedside table is the book The Cloister Walk (Kathleen Norris), and I'm re-reading The Prodigal Summer (Barbara Kingsolver).

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say that The Secret? it's just a lot of borrowing from ... EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE ... I mean, the same exact principles are in a book called Creative Visualization (Shakti Gawain) which was written in like 1995 or something ... I liked the DVD better, can be a good wallop in my self-pity keister on a bad day ... but it's really nothing 'new'.

  6. I read all the time....44 books so far this year and that doesn't count the many that I start and don't finish, or all the art books I read. I haven't read The Secret but have watched the DVD. I haven't read any of the Meyer books or any by Cornwell. I don't usually like anything too scary or with too much murder and mayehm!!


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