Friday, October 17, 2008

Tornado touches down in Studio...

Going with the Less is More theory, starting purging in the studio. Looks like hell at the moment, feels that way to. Do you ever start something and then think what the hell was I thinking. Well thats the way I feel at the moment. Throwing out old magazines, giving stuff to the goodwill. My theory is if I have not used it or even knew I had, I do not need it. Will be back with the after shot...a clean studio,


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I feel that way whenever I start something big...but then I think about how great I will feel when it is finished!

    Hey- sell your unwanted craft stuff on Craig's list! I great!

  2. You will be SO SO SO ecstatic when you finish, though -- it's well worth it. I do that exercise (Studio Tornado Touchdown) every 3 months, now, so I know what I have, refine what I know I use, and can donate the rest.

    I give any kind of applicable art supplies I don't want to the elementary school 3 blocks from my house ... papers, paints, stickers (the teachers of the younger grades seem to LOVE those!@!) ...

  3. Oh yes, I know about that mess. It just looked like that in my Studio a couple days ago before the Opening.....and lot's of hard work made it all look nice. My Studio looked pretty regular like with the classes to come up soon, I have to keep it benefit giving classes. Smiles, Anke ;)
    PS: But when you are done with it, you like to be in your Studio even more, sometimes going through stuff and sorting out feels good, to me anyway. So hope you will be done soon and can enjoy being there again ;)

  4. out of that mess will come an organised peaceful and creative provoking place! trust me I know! LOL! from a proffessional messie like me!


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