Monday, October 20, 2008

Its coming...

I dont know if you know this about me, but I do not like halloween. It must stem from my childhood when our family never had any money (of course like many at that time) and you had to throw together a coustume from what you had. My mother did not have an artistic bone in her body (I quess mine had not developed yet) so we were either ghots or witches. I think I passed that gene along to my daughter because she never really liked halloween when she got older. Of course when your younger its all about the candy.


  1. Hi lee - bnecause we dont really do halween over here I've never had to make costumes each year, excpet once! my dd's were invited to a party in a huge hall and they had to wear costumes. It was awful for me who could not sew one and I didnt have a machine either, and really not knowing what I was doing either!! one went as a pumpkin and the other as a witch... that stretched my creative sewing efforts to the max that year! imagine having todo it every yr?!!

  2. Lee -- I don't like Halloween either. I don't like the 'dark' aspects or spiritistic/goth kind of stuff. I don't like to be scared. And I don't think Halloween is an occasion that should warrant the kind of fanfare, decorating mania, etc., that Christmas does. Halloween trees? ... whatever ...

  3. Here in Germany Helloween just got more common the last couple of years,as kids we didn't even know abou it that much. My son is really into Helloween this year....has his Helloween table up in his room....for him it's not yet for the candies but let's see after when he found out about that. Smiles, Anke ;)
    PS: I don't really like Helloween that much either....but when you have kids all is different.....


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