Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Monday....

Hello fellow bloggers. I am back retooled, recharged, refreshed. Had a great weekend, accomplished some art, for the online course. Had pretty good weather for this time of year, except we had huge windstorm on Saturday. Bought some boots I am taking back, didnt realize they dont have any grips on the bottom. So I would probably break a hip (at my age you know you shouldnt do that ha ha). Got caught up on my blog reading and just relaxed.


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Hey Lee, the image on your page is really the lines a lot.

  2. perfect for upcoming Halloween - scary face!

  3. HI Lee, sounds like a good weekend. Glad to hear that. Edgar Alan Poe...reminds me on my english major class in School....not my favorite....fits perfect for Helloween though.
    Hope you find some nice shoes with a good grip for winter....have a great day, smiles, Anke ;)


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