Friday, November 14, 2008


I have dead straight hair. But when I was younger my mother always insisted that I get a perm. I always looked like she placed a bowl on my head and just put the perm there. Needless to say when I got older I steered away from anything perm like. We also didnt have any money for hairdressers so you can imagine what this looked like. I think I have a picture hidden away somewhere I will dig it out and show you. Alright here is a trivia question for you what were the three stooges names, I know one was curly, and moe but I cant think of the last one.


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Larry and Mo, right? I will admit, I have never watched an episode of the Three Stooges...didn't really appeal to me.

    BTW- we're hair opposites. lol

  2. My mom and I still give each other perms, when my hair is long enough that is!

    Larry, Mo, Curly -- Double BB still loves to watch those pranksters sometimes on the weekend!

  3. LOL!!! we are of the same vintage Lee and yes.... hate to admit it I hate the 'dreaded' perms too! omg!!! am I glad that phase and fashion are gone!!!

    ps bathroom?... well, totally gutting the entire room(s) and totally new fittings and fixtures being put it there, new bath, loo, taps the works!

  4. no offence to anyone who does have perms... just my face is totally not suited to them or curly heair for that matter.

  5. I can so relate to this. My mom pin-curled my hair all the time and once every few months I had a perm. I think she messed with my hair more than anything else. Now I keep it so short all I have to do is run my hands through it and go!

    Yep, Curly, Larry and Mo....I'm not really a fan but most guys I know are!


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