Friday, November 07, 2008

Nina, Pretty Ballerina

I love this song, not very well known but its by ABBA. I always wanted to be a ballerina, but no money in my family when growing up for extras like that. I loved how they for always so graceful and kinda of floated . When I was growing up I was gangly and awkward not graceful at all. Yesterday had to take the dog to vet as she was not feeling well. 128 dollars later she has an upset tummy apparently....ok I want to be a vet. I told my husband thats all she had...but better safe than sorry I quess. Today is a cold brisk day. I have a date with a friend for lunch, some painting to do, some work on the christmas I better get started have an awesome weekend and myabe talk to you Sunday, if not Monday for sure.


  1. I, too, dreamed of being a ballerina when I was a kid. Same money for classes but I read tons of books about ballerinas. Your painting is cool and I like the way you added the words.

    PS - don't feel too bad about the vet bill. A couple of years ago we spent $1500 on our cat and still didn't get a diagnosis!

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I didn't dream of being a ballerina. I can't remember what I was dreaming about...probably boys..

    Really beautiful page, Lee! The drawing is really great!

  3. I loved ballet when I was young but being so short I was too small to even think of being one!

    Love your page - and the way your ballerina has her feet - plie!!

    I have almost finished the xmas journal, cant do any more till dh gets the xmas decos down off the attic and then there will be some more work done on it! its gone well though! Hope yours will too... can you show us your progress so far?

  4. I love ABBA, and I love that pink dress your ballerina has.

    We recently took Pono to the vet and had a similar experience. $167 and "we don't know what's wrong with him". AARGHHH...

    Thank you for your sweet comments about my painting, Lee.


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