Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rules told you by your mother....

When you were younger did your Mother pass on any old fashioned fashion knowledge to you. Herer are some of the secrets my mother told me Rules are meant to be broken.

never wear white after labour day
navy and black should never be worn together
do mot mix metals
never wear red it you are a redhead
never mix prints
big girls should never wear stripes or dots
never wear leather or suede in the summer
shoes and bags must always match

If you notice I have changed up Lou Lou updated her hairstyle, I think she was wearing her hair a little to severe.
Today was a busy day...the daughter flew off to San Fransisco for 4 days with friends for her 20 the birthday. Of course every time she goes someone I worry about her. I quess that never ends till the day you die. Well I am going down to the Studio to try and work on some art. Talk to you tommorow.


  1. really like the background and yes, my mum told me some 'rules' like this too! havent times changed?

    I've never understood the labour day thing though, I guess it only applies over there in the usa and canada?

  2. Lou Lou looks SO much friendlier, delivering these old fashion gems/rules, than my Mother ever did -- my mom was always skeered of fashion so she really clung to things like this in her efforts to get it right! As for me, I mix metals all the time, I have one purse at a time and only care if my journal fits into it, and I wouldn't wear white shoes at ANY time just cuz when I wear white of any kind, on any part of my body, I become an instant magnet for spillage. p.s. Is Lou Lou wearing colored contacts today, or will we get to enjoy her lovely warm eyes in different shades? THAT will be fun!


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