Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out of Africa

I read Don Eldons book of journals (got from the my friendly library) how inspsiring. He died so young and had
so much talent. I was inspired to create this for my journal. I have been getting Christimas shopping and wrapping done. I gave my self a deadline of getting it done by the end of November. And I am doing great. No stress over what to get anybody..I am on a roll. Every year I feel stressed out by the time Christmas rolls around, last minute shopping, not knowing what to get, wrapping. This year I will be organized.....I will keep you informed. Stay revited to your seats....


  1. Love your last two posts and pics Lee! youre doing better than me with christmas, I havent even begun to think of it and what to shop for! Must get around to it soon! My head is still in reno land!

  2. HI Lee, you are really on the choice though....I have to get going too....hope you can enjoy Advent time without worrying about the presents now. Enjoyed your new journal art! Really inspiring! Smiles, Anke ;)

  3. oh, LEE! You're so bold, I love that. I've owned Dan Eldon's journals (the book his mom and sister published) for 3 years, but when I read it, I feel ... well, he was so unbounded, unboundaried (?) in the way he created that I just don't feel worthy to try to emulate him. but look what you did!!!! You've inspired me.

  4. I will have to check out Dan Eldon for myself! I have never done an art journal. Strange, huh?


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