Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The King and I

Here is a sketch of a picture I saw in our paper. I found the article fasicnating ....Hope you like it. I have been busy today with a friend who lives out of town who is in visiting. We went to a greenhouse today that not only sells trees, but all kinds of christmas things, and gifts etc. I managed to spend some of my hard earned cash there. Other than that I am working on my christmas journal etc. You will be seeing the full journal for 25 days starting on December 1.


  1. like this - I am not creating at all now! The bathroom thing is going on painfully slowly and the mess is just awful! So no time. I cant do anything on xmas journal as I need my boxes off the attic to do more - and cant get them down cos of the mess.... lol... the saga continues!

  2. Love it! Bold lines and the colors...

    The 25 days of Christmas Journaling...GREAT idea!

  3. WOW LOVE THE COLORS!!!! I hadn't heard about this, may have to go scope it out online. I don't get a paper anymore, kind of miss it for my spontaneous collages I used to do from it.

  4. Been out to lunch, breakfast and dinner. Glad to find your beautiful artwork is still here to inspire.


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