Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Walk on By....

This is one of my favourite old time songs, originally song by Dionne Warwark. I was doodling and this is what came up and the song came to my mind. Odd how my mind works...Yesterday was a bit of dud, did not do much, got out of my jammies at 12:00.But you know I always wished for those days when I was working so I got them now. Well today is the big day in the States so if we are reading this and are from the States, get out and vote...


  1. I love the colors you used. The painting makes me think of a lion!

  2. I thought it was a lion till I enlrged the image - love the colours - blue fits ion well here. I have that song too on an old cassette from the 70's! guess we're that vintage!

  3. FUN! I like that song, but one oldie I LOOOOVEE is One Less Bell to Answer -- I don't think I even know who does it -- Fifth Dimension? anyway ... you're having a good time, I can feel it!


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