Sunday, November 02, 2008

Envy--is it the root of all evil

Have you ever felt envy. I like to think I am above that...but not so. I try not to be envious but its hard. I don't envy people who look better, or have more things. I envy people with pure raw talent. The kind of talent that just shows up and they never doubted themselves for a minute. They never doubted that they had talent, or ever worried that other people would just think that there art was no worth the paper it was on. Sure you get kudos from your friends, and family and rightly so...they are friends and family after all. But if you ever really put yourself out there for people to judge what would they say. Well I am being quite the philospher today.....that is it for now.


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    feel it all the time when ever I go on other peoples journal or art pages and it looks like they produce stuff all the tiime with no effort at all and it just comes so easily to them! And then I think...oh why cant I do it like that? etc.... good post Lee! krissie from winterwood

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Lee- I do...all the time. It's the learning to forget it all that I am growing progress..

    Your pages are getting more raw and where they are going!

    PS- thanks for the visit to my ofrenda today :)

  3. I can sure relate to this kind of envy! I have the same kind. I struggle just to make a simple drawing and other people seem to make elaborate paintings etc with little or no effort.

  4. HI Lee, a good topic. Who wasn't jealous before.....I had times of envy and sometimes still have even I don't want it to be.
    I believe that in every person is a talent, and that, if you want to find it, you will. Concering feeling good about your art, my further education in expressive painting gave me a lot of support and reading the book The 12 secrets of highly creative women. I think this is such a great book, giving you courage to follow your path and live your creativity, to be brave to live it.
    Concerning critiques, if you put your work out there....they are all over,but I believe if you truely love your art or be satisfied how you created it, you will be stronger against critique. There will be always poeple who like some art and some don't like the same style. Plus I think every artist has their artwork they don't show because it didn't work out as planned or liked....even I have some sitting in some corners, I just reuse them when I need a canvas. And of course lot's of exercise and experiments help develope your creative ways. So don't be encouraged or long it makes you happy, that is the most important thing, to me anyway. Smiles, Anke ;)

  5. Who can't relate to this piece? I think we all know what it's like to compare ourselves to others and think ours is complete crap. You captured the look in her face beautifully.


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