Sunday, December 07, 2008

December 7, 2008

Today was about finishing some projects up. Getting the journal ready, making Sunday dinner. Visiting with my mom. I had fun creating these bears in the you feel the chill
Decided to do a Christmas project because I dont have enough to do. So this picture I am sewing the seams on three canvases
Painted the canvas, decided Santa was going to be the theme and used stencils for ho ho
I made one as a sample this one, I have to find some hangers for it. I dont know if I like it or not and I am not fishing for compliments. So I dont know if I will make the other two. There were for gifts..
The picture is a little blurry and you cant tell the size, I am going to meausure it tommorow.
This picture was taken today ...we have this event every year, and at the end all the christmas lights that they have at the entrance to our community go on plus your own, its a lot of fun.


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