Thursday, December 04, 2008

ornamental excitement for Dec 3

Every year for Christmas when I was in my Crafty phase. I would make 1 thing for Christmas. This was my first cross stich project something my daughter will have forever.
One year I found this pattern to make a bear in one of those christmas books..I should have made more than one and of course I have lost the pattern.
These chior dolls are made of toliet paper holders, nylons and I love them.....I used to have more but they seem to have gone missing.
Every year I go on the hunt for a special ornament to give to my daughter for Christmas. This way when she goes out on her own she has some oranments of her own and when she looks at them she remembers they are from me.

These ornaments are made from fabric and strofoam balls. One Sunday my friend Lois had us over and we learned from her how to make these balls, I think I have 4.


  1. Every year my Mom and I make a special ornament for my niece, my love Ciera ... last year I completely re-did a cigar box into this shimmering golden pearl-covered thing and made an angel (polymer clay, muslin, beads) to go inside ... we told Ciera the Christmas angel stopped us on the way over to see her and gave us the box and that we couldn't wait to see what was in it because she told us we weren't allowed to open it, only Ciera. Ciera's eyes were as big as Montana ... anyway these special things you did, still do, they'll NEVER stop being the wonderful objects, memories, tastes, touches, that you are conjuring for yourself and all of us.

  2. OH lee what a lovely page and book youve made!! Its really quite spectacular. I love the idea of buying an ornament as a memento for the children so that they have them when out later on their own in their own home. Nice idea.

  3. Hi Lee....I love this whole Christmas journal idea that you have...each day it is like Christmas for me to open up your blog and see what you have for that day.....very, very nice job!!!

    We have similiar traditions, but afew are different, in fact, I think that I will adopt a couple of yours....

    Happy Holidays!!!!!

    See you soon...
    love Sandy


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