Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Late Again

Three days of catch up..I am finding it harder and harder to find stuff for this journal. There really is only so much Christmas stuff you can go with. Well the 10 is all about people I love. I love the Christmas tree cut out of green craft paper and then I cut some photos to fit it. The ninth was about gathering of supplies to finish some christmas gifts for friends. The front page with Rudolf I made last year, I used some scrapbook paper, drew on Rudolf and I think I used pencil crayons.The 8th is all about keeping your receipts and the way we do it.


  1. Hi Lee - yes its requiring more and more discipline to do this at the right time... especially as we get busier and busier!! I plan not to stop bout you?

    wow yours is a beautiful long time keepsake.. so much detail! Mine is positively sparse comapred to yours. I dont think I would have as much as you to put into mine...dunno...I'm having troubel keeping up with my little one! lol!

  2. Wow, yours is looking great.
    I am having a hard time keeping up these past 2 days, but I will keep going. With work, crafting, holiday get togethers and household chores, I need to squeeze it in there.

  3. I'm just enthralled by this journal. I've never done a 'themed' journal of any extended kind, just altered book pages, 8 or 10 spreads at the most. I'm blown away by how these pages just capture your family, your celebrations, your traditions, so honestly but BEAUTIFULLY! I really wonder if something like this doesn't cry out to be published!!! What an inspiration for people like those of us who read your blog and really want to capture the intimate family celebrations in a special way.


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