Wednesday, December 31, 2008

They call it puppy love

I started out by starting to sketch my slipper. The slipper did not turn out so instead I made the slipper into a dog dont ask me how....This is sofie, I made her look like this on purpose. Because truthfully I cant make her look like herself....though she is a little overweight and on a diet..which she does not like. But she will thank me in years to come when she still has her hips. Now I hope she can do the same for me. Well tonight we are out to dinner with friends.we are going to have the Sienfiled special. For those of you who ever watched Senifield the parents eat early/ Then we are going back to some firends for a movie and will be probablly in bed before new years eve like usual. So have a great new years and see you all in 2009.


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