Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Goodnight December 2,

In between taking my mother for a doctors appointment. The snowy weather, wind and ice, I manged to put up the lights and the ribbon on the tree.
I have been having a good time with the journal. The secret is having most of it done way before December.
Just taking the pictures and adding them on the day and little bit of emblishment and this and that
and there you have it.
I love these snowmen that my daughter made....I am not much of a saver, but I did keep a few important things that she made me.
You must be thinking when are those traditions going to end...soon.
Hope you like December 2 stay tuned for December 3.


  1. Lee I love your book, and I'm so glad that you alerted me to doing this project as I to am enjoying it a lot!! I never thought of putting in my kids stuff....hm... possibly no room...cant wait to see your next one!

  2. HI Lee...it has been a while....everything seems going slower here...wonder why????
    Anyway, I really enjoyed your Christmas journal.....it looks fantastic, makes we want to flip through every page and enjoy all the details you put in it! Have fun doing it for the next weeks.
    Oh decoarting, I have to get going. The stuff is still sitting in the cellar and my son already asks, we plan on putting up the three on saturday. So let's see. Maybe everything has to wait till then.
    In the meanwhile, enjoy the Adventszeit and I will see you around, smiles, Anke ;)
    PS: Before I forget again...there is an award waiting for on my blog, go check it out!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Really nice! It's good that you've been able to find time to work on it. Definitely worth it.


  4. Krissie4:05 AM

    Do you know I never even thought of doing anything on the back cover, but now I maybe will..thanks for the idea.


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