Friday, December 12, 2008


I should be posting my journal, but I have not taken the pictures yet so tommorow. Today was all about baking cookies and squares. One batch of the squares went straight to the garbage. I am no martha Stewart in the baking department. I am in a baking exchange tommorow so had to get it done, pictures tommorow. I have been working on a little watercolour just a practice one of penquins. Its not nearly done yet, so no judging...


  1. I love these adorable penquins and what a great journal you're working on Lee.

  2. oh these are wonderful Lee - they are amazingly realistic and those colours that youve used are great - the page looks brrrr cold! I bought a bag today! (is that cheating?) lol!

  3. oh, penguins!!! My older brother called them 'Henry's' when he was a little tyke, and it's stuck in my family -- this is wonderful! so nostalgic, too, for me.


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