Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Friday

This is a journal page I recently did.  Today yeah is Friday , tonight on the dinner menu is Lasagna, and Salad, not made by me, but by Francos Italian Restaurant to go.  It is great and not cooked by me.  That is what happens around here on Friday night, no cooking, watching Stargate Universe, yes I am a space geek.  Maybe a little book reading and just chilling, me the hubby and devil dog.  What do you have planned for tonight


  1. I plan on having dinner cooked by my man Mike along with my parents. Should be fun : ) Maybe sneak in a little art : )

  2. I did a pizza myself, bought all these wonderful fixings to make a pita pizza but opted for takeout instead with a beer. Delicious. I love the piece of art, very medieval!

  3. Anonymous9:45 PM

    mmm we are having pizza tonite, and yours must be yummy too if it came from a restaurant - beats home cooking anytime!!! I'm with you on that one!



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