Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection

November 24,2009 
I have been a lax picture taker, here is my tree for

August 24/09

Now I live in Canada and we have extreme  seasons, fall usually there is snow by Halloween, and by your Thanksgiving in the States, we usually are under foot with a ton of snow and cold weather.  This weather, we just had snow that stayed a couple of days ago.  We did have snow for Halloween, but it went away.  The weather is unseasonally good.  So here is to good weather for the winter season./


  1. Its unseasonably good here I keep waiting for it to change but it doesn't. Happy Thanksgiving(do you celebrate Thanksgiving?).

  2. Your little tree will be big and strong someday and it will be fun to document it's growth! I'd like to see him covered in snow! We don't get too much snow here in Wichita any more but we do get a little. I hope we get a good snow this year so I can get a good picture of my tree in the snow!

  3. I am loving all of the changes with the trees! Unseasonably warm is better than unseasonably cold, right? Thanks for playing along with us, Lee!


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