Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new post and old art

I do have some new stuff but none I can post yet.  So here is an old journal page...I have been busy, going here and there and really not getting to much accomplished.  Do you ever have those days when you seem like your going constantly and then you look back to see what you have accomplished and its really not much.  Today is really a bleak looking day, its a day to stay in , have a hot chocolate, turn on the fireplace and watch a good movie.  Now if only I could do that, dont you hate when real life intrudes ..I mean really who else is going to clean the house, and make the dinner, and do the laundry, and take my mother for blood tests, walk the dog and on on on...(lol).  Well i took some pictures of my tree for Julies blog and when I just looked at them, I realized I took a picture of the wrong tree.  So now I must go and take a picture of the tree and get in  the car and go do some errands.  I might post more tonight . 


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