Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am a list maker are you

 Do you make lists? If my friends know one thing about me it is I never jump into anything without over analyzing it. I always make a list....I makes list for groceries, things to do in the house, things to buy, things for the hubby and shopper to do....lists..sometimes it feels like my life is ruled by lists. Now its just one list and everything goes on it from art-to grocery shopping. I tick things off as i accomplish them. If I don’t get them done today they go on tomorrow’s list...weird I know.  I keep it in a book and just add as I think of things. Today I am making a list of all the art projects that I need to get finished by the end of the month. I cant move ahead with my art life when these things are hanging over my head. Today I am making a start on them. Here are some of the  new things on list for today.

1. ATC cards for:

Willowing - 2
Mixed Media -2

2. Art Ornaments to make-Milliande  1

3. Teesha Moore booklet to finish =

4. Coptic stitch art journal to complete=

5. Books back to the Library (3)

6.Vacumn upstairs

7.Dinner – go to Superstore

Okay some of these things are really not a must....but I want to finish on the list they go. Are you a list maker? How do you do your lists? I really want to know.


  1. Hi Lee....I guess I'm a list maker because I can't live without my daily planner. I write everything in there... go to Post Office, go to the bank, the store, it's so and so's birthday or this one's anniversary.

    Then I keep a notebook of books to read, quotes I like, song lyrics I like, passages from books, art ideas, etc...etc.

  2. Aside form grocery, I am only a list makes when I feel pressured with a lot of work on the table.. then I sit down and enjoy crossing off the items one at a time. Makes me feel productive. :)

  3. I have a small journal that I use for shopping lists....anything I need to buy goes into that book and it fits into my purse. I also keep a list of swaps or things I need to complete in the studio. For that I use a spiral notebook like kids use in school. I also jot down other notes on all kinds of slips of paper. Online I have been keeping a list of the books I read. This is my second year for doing that. I'd be lost without lists!!

  4. I'd probably find myself turning mad circles if I didn't make lists. Lists of ongoing projects, grocery lists, lists of little things I want to remember to tell my Mom (I got THAT habit from HER), lists of poetry lines I love and want to use in my journal, lists of pros/cons if I'm making a BIG decision ... I love lists. True story.

  5. Yes....I do love making list though if the project needs lot's of steps to get there. I kind of list the not-to-forget-activities on my calender! So I guess I'm a list person as well! Plus when you have it on the list, it feels like your head is emptier with stuff to remember, you just have to look on the list and know again. I think it's a brain freer!
    Smiles, Anke ;0

  6. Ha ha! I wish you could see all the lists that I "harvest" from the bottom of my purse! Glad to see that there are so many other list makers, organized or not!


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