Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Humming Along....

Welll its Sunday night, and I am watching Hugh Grant in About A boy.  Now  Hugh Grant really is not my fvourite actor of all time, I do think he is cute..But he plays the same part in all his movies a bumbling nice cute guy. m  But I must admit I do like this movie.  Well  what did I do this weekend.  Well this the above picture is something I was just fooling around with.  I was trying to make a humming bird,now I dont really think hummingbirds are this colour, but I got carried away.
Made dinner for  my mother and mother inlaw tonight . Last night I made a couple of ATC's for the trades and I will show them to you tommorow.  I actually sat down last night to work on Teesha Moores journal, I was going to sew the signatures, but could not find the needle.  Now I have bought the same needle three times and dont know where I put them  So I bought another needle today and wouldn't you know it I found all three hidden needles  So tommorow is the day I will sew the signatures in Teeshas journal, and finish Rhomany's journal...


  1. The hummingbird has great colors!

    You have been busy! I haven't done much of least not any art. I did do some painting though. HB and I painted the posts on the patio cover! What fun!!

  2. I agree with Janet...that is a good looking hummingbird!

  3. Great hummingbird Lee!
    I love Teesha's journaling too :)
    Thanks for your nice comment on your visit today!

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    youve inspired me to do a journal page - had a look at teesha moores blog and just had to make one! I am very pleased as I havent done anything for so long now!!


  5. You are so cute. I do things like your needle debacle all the time! I love hummingbirds, and I must say, yours has the coolest feet.


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