Sunday, November 01, 2009

Loving the Pear

I like the shape of the pear, it fits an ATC perfectly and is good in any medium.  I drew the pear lightly with pencils, then used white pastel over it, the background was scrapbook paper.  I just need to add a few highlights of green, not many and its done.  I am doing a series on pears, so stay tuned to see more.
Well Halloween went over here quite well, only about 40 kids, was finished about 8.00 Devil Dog had to go to her room, because all she did was bark.  But before that she wore her custume, the shopper bought for her.  Pictures tommorow.  My mom was sover for the weekend and this morning woke up with her tongue so swollen, she could barely talk, luckly I had some Benedryl in the house, the shopper is allegric to sulphur and has suffered many attacks.  Her tongue went down some, but I phoned the health line and since we dont know what caused it, she said to take her to the medi centre.  Well if we did not have the H1N1 we will now, the whole waiting room had it, the nurse had everyone put on masks thank god.  She announced that yesterday the whole waiting room had it, and by the looks of it todays waiting room did not look any differentl.  We finally get, trying not to touch anyone or anything, we get into the room, and I wash my hands throughly and tell my mother to do the same. The doctor comes in and looks at my mother tells her what I already know that she had an allergic reaction to something, continue to take Benedryl for 48 hours.  In the meantime as we exit the medi clinic two people from the waiting room have passed out from it.  As it happens I got the H1N1 shot on friday, but does not take affect for 2 weeks.  I only went to scope it out for my mother, to see if there was stairs etc.  and just stayed in line only had to wait 1.5 hours, the wait has been up to 6 hours.  Today they cancelled the shots, and have issued a statement that only the highly likely to get the shot, preganant women etc, because they are running out of stuff. 
Well enough doctor news I am off to try and work in my art journal, talk to you all soon.


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