Monday, November 09, 2009

New day,,,new tradition, news and other boring stuff

Today is just going to be an update of sorts to let you know what going on in my life. (Not much)

Well I did not go out and get a job, what the hell was I long did I work and work and wait for retirement.  I must have been having a off day...or an out of my mind day.  I love my life (today) and dont want to have a job....

The birthday girl had a great lots of great is a run down, we got her a beautiful bracelett with diamonds, (were talking small small ) but something she can look back at and remember when she got it.  A beautiful silver ring, money, another bracelett all from family and friends.  Now the boyfriend went way to crazy,,not one but two purses from Coach, american money (the shopper is off to vegas at the end of the month with friends) 2 dvds and 1 dinner at the expensive (I have never been there) Ruth Chris....the boyfriend must be happy to know that you can only turn 21 once....broke the bank

On my bookshelf I have been reading:
a year in provence
Natural Fashion (
How to paint portraits
How to create a zine

In the art department, I have not been creating.  Thinking over things, yes, but no actual pencil to paper.  I have signed up for a few Artist Trading Cards trades on some of my ning sites.  I have signed up for an xmas ornament trade.  I am thinking of creating a few collages ...lots of thinking but no creating.  I am going to start creating tonight.  I have been watching Teesha Moores videos hasnt) and created one of her booklets.  Okay not finished yet....I have been watching Romanys on creating a art journal...not finished yet.  All these things I need to get finished by the end of the month. Also need to take another picture of my tree outside for Julies 

I am a bit worried I had signed up for 3 atc trade.I finished  them and sent them all off at the same time.  Made sure that they were all taken to the post office and the right postage was but on.  Now  Janet lives in California got hers last week.  But not a word from the other two.  Now one was going to Florida, the other was going to Philly...they must have been there by now, no word on them yet.

I am starting at new tradition here monday's I will post a blog that I think is great....and think everybody should check out......there are so many great blogs out there that nobody reads or looks first one for today is...drum roll please I really like this blog, she also has a site where she has free images to use in your art.  If you read down a little you will see she crocheted a scarf and fingerless mitts....if only I crocheted......I love it.  Did you know those gloves are all the rage this year...

Well you must be sick of  me by I am done for today....leave me a comment and let me know what you think...I would like to know someone reads this blog.


  1. I read your blog!! And I never think you're boring. I love seeing your art and hearing about your life. Sounds like the shopper had a great birthday! The boyfriend went all out!!

    Now I'm off to check out the blog you mentioned.

  2. Sandy9:01 PM

    Well of course I read your Blog....I may not always leave a comment, but I almost religiously read it every day! I love it...the art, the comments, the updates on your life, all of it so don't think for a minute that no one is reading your blog! Keep on blogging!I am a number one fan!

  3. I'm reading along. Thanks for the mention :)
    I love that blog you linked to. I'll be adding that one to my reader list.

  4. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I read your blog too!!!!!!!!!! every time there is a new post and I love it!! Ive just about given up with blogging as I dont do anything worth talking about - I like your life updates, youre very interesting! We are getting a diamondy gift for our 21st birhtday girl too but pendant shaped. They seem to like that sort of stuff. Keep writing and creating Lee!!

  5. Hi Lee.....I agree with all the other gals, I love your blog. I like the idea of posting a new blog site every day, great way to meet new friends.

    Thanks for commenting on my new kitty. I really don't know how old she is...I would guess about two or three. She's just so darn lovable.

  6. Anonymous2:59 PM

    HI Lee
    I always read your blog as that is how I keep up on the family and you are not boring I just wish I could be a dedicated to a blog as you are
    wish the shopper a happy belated birthday from her family in BC
    also say hi and give your Mom my Auntie a great big hug and tell her I love and miss her
    keep in touch
    love always your cousin on Vancouver
    Kathy xxoo

  7. Sounds like a divine birthday and a great guy your daughter is dating. Can't wait to go visit the crochet blog! I think we all have to stick together on this blog thing, it's so hard to keep going but I've met wonderful bloggy friends(as I'm sure you have too).


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