Wednesday, November 04, 2009

These are three ATC that I made for a trade with a very talented artist with a great site.  There was no theme, just free throw. Today Devil Dog is going to Doggy Daycare for a half a day, so I dont feel guilty about leaving her alone.  I have been thinking about getting a part time job, just to get out of the house.  I know gasp, you work all your life to get to the point where you dont have to work and then you wonder what you are going to do today.  When I find myself cleaning out under the sink weekly  (not even dirty)and moving things around, just to move them around something got to give.  I cant go out everyday and spend money (so says Hubby).  So I dont know what to do I was thinking maybe just a partime till Christmas somewhere like Pier One (discount) .  I have been thinking about that, I never have been a sales person before, but I am sure it cant be rocket science.  I dit have a staff of 5 people to look after when I worked.
Well today besides doggy daycare, I am off to the Library, to take back some books, pick up some that I had ordered.  Off to the Chapters to pick up the new Cloth Paper Scissors, and the Somerset Stuido as well.  And maybe if I got a job I would have more to say than this to you all soon.  I might just go get gussed up and take myself over to Pier One to see about a job.


  1. Hi Lee, I know how you feel, and when you do have a job you wished you wouldn't.....a balance between would be perfect. Hope you find a decision what to do soon.
    Enjoyed your new artwork! Time is so short here right now....hardly find time to check my favorite blogs. Maybe on the weekend I find some more time, since I don't have classes.
    My little ones are doing good, the girls are just getting over their first cold for the season, so let's hope we stay without cold for a off to check the rest real quick before cooking, picking up my son from Kindergarten and feeding the wild bunch!
    Have a great day, smiles, Anke ;)

  2. A job! Oh, no! Will you still have time for art???

    PS - thank you for the nice compliment!


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