Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Embrace your Imprefection

Can you think of one person who you think is perfect , but if you asked the person she-Or he will telll you there is something they dont like about themselves.  I know there are lots of things about my self I dont like and wish I could change.  I dont like my nose, my weight,my hair.  I wish my hair had a bit of curl, but the shoppers hair is curly and she wishes she had straight hair. Skinny people wish they could put on a few pounds and so on and on it goes.  It is  the same with art. you always wish you could do something better.  You look at other artists work and you think `why do I bother`I never will be as good as they are, or i cant paint like that.  But you have to remember (that means me) you are who you are.  With your own style (maybe), with your own way to do things.  If everyone did the same thing what would there be to look at. I am sure Picasso had doubts about his work, and looked to other artists to see what they were doing. So next time your visiting a blog and think god that good but so am I.  A little self love is good for the soul once in  awhile


  1. Absolutely perfectly said! I love the quote: "In a world of individuals, comparison is a senseless activity." Don't worry about comparing your art to someone else's....your art is YOU and it's perfect just as it is.

  2. Anonymous7:57 PM

    oh so true - well said and those words apply to me... especially when I visit sites like yours and janets and see all your work, and think......uh why cant I do stuff like that??? but yes you are right off course we do all have our won style. I do like yours and janets though styles!
    happy easter over there for you and your family!

    krissie at winterwood


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