Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The body electric

A page from my visual journal, two free images, and the big image hand drawn by me.  The curves need work, this is not my body. I only had one page to work on (lol)

I have been on holiday mode for a week or more now, I know I dont work, its kind of like always a holiday, but the hubby is on holidays, so the schedule is messed up.  So I have not been posting as much as usual.  I have been working on my two ATC the fashion one is just about finished and the summer one, is half finished.  I wish I could show you and get your opinion on a few things, but I cant show them until Sharon gets them.  Other than that, I have been looking for a used dresser with the shopper, she wants to redo one for her new home.  We looked all over pawn shops (which I have never been in, quite the experience, the expected the cops to bust in and shoot up the place lol), but we found a really nice wood one at a thrift store, so she is going to sand, prime and paint, new fancy dancy knobs etc.  Its her project so I am going to be project manager.  Right at this moment it is pouring rain, it has been a funny weather day here, hot and humid and now thunder and rain.  So what have you been up to this week.....


  1. everyone needs a holiday from the day to day... even if you don't need one from work!

    this week has been so busy with work. But it is my LAST week!

  2. OMgosh - I love that page... the colours are really nice as are your images... great work as per usual!! hot and sunny here, even though its winter... no signs of cold or winter now at all! we need rain desperately here before the real summer heat starts up! pleae send a little rain over if u can?

    ps posted my atc swap cards today to my swap partner...feeling v pleased its done!

  3. Love the swimsuit gals and what you wrote on the page.

    So far my week has been quiet compared to last week.

  4. What a great page and one most all of us can relate to!


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