Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Journey

Well can you believe its the end of August, and its my anniversary I have been married 37 years and to the same husband.  Some days and we all have those days I wonder how I ever made it.  Well this layout is about a journey I took when I graduated from high school.  The journey was from Vancouver where I lived at the time, to Edmonton where I live now.  It was about a girl moving to where her boyfriend lived and went to University.  She boarded that train, with stars in her eyes and as an independent woman. That train took her on a journey  to a new place to live, her first job, her first apartment, her first paycheque.  And it landed her where she is today.  Happy



  1. Your latest journal pages are really cool. I like the direction you're going. This one is great!

    Happy Anniversary! Let the adventure continue in lots of good ways.

  2. Hi Lee,
    Congratulations on such a long marriage. You really don't look old enough!
    "Life must be good"
    Your journal pages are fantastic!
    Happy creating,

  3. Happy anniversary to you too Lee, our 32 yr one is tomorrow on 2 of Sept. it so nice to feel this good after so many yrs isnt it! have a lovely day with Dh are you doing anything for the anniv? going out?

    love the page too!!!

  4. I love this post! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I love this one I also wonder how I made it this far and with the same man how could he put up with me and all my baggage as I call it
    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby it was our 24th so you have a few more yrs than i have but I totally understand what you are saying congrats on the longgevity or you marrage and I hope I can also last that long
    say Hi to everyone for me and give Auntie a big hug and tell her I love and miss her very much
    love from your cousin in Vancouver
    Kathy xxoo

  6. Wow! This is really wonderful creation.^^

  7. Happy anniversary, Lee! 37 years...fantastic!!

  8. Belated Congratulations!!! And many more happy years to come together!!!!!


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