Monday, August 30, 2010

The unexpected Path

Well today is rainy, so I am cleaning up and watching season two of True Blood.  I love True Blood, so really its more watching than cleaning.
I saw a picture of stairs with arrows in this months vogue and loved the idea, so I drew in my own stairs and arrows.  I often find ideas I want to use in my art from magazine.  I write them down.  Did I tell you am making a zine for myself.  I wanted to challenge myself to make something and finish it.  As how many journal making classes have I taken and never finished one yet.  They are all sitting half made.  So this zine will be about techniques with pictures how I do it what works and doesn't.  I have already started by making an index and adding to it as I think of ideas.  Then I think the index will need editing or I will never finish the zine.  Next I am thinking of a name.  I have already decided on the format.  What do you do to challenge and motivate yourself?



  1. Excellent work - love your page and what you've written, which is oh so true. Love those arrows - so typical of my life, which lately seems to go up and down and with very little clear direction. The idea of the Zine is great. I seem to spend my time doing bitty things of late but something bigger is always a challenge - something to work towards. Best of luck - hope you pull it off!

  2. You always inspire me! This page is great with all those arrows going every which way. That's how I feel most of the time!

    Good luck on the zine. I actually thought about doing one, too....but all I've done is think about it.

  3. I always try to work outside of my comfort zone, to push myself. Most times it works but not always.
    I've been toying with the idea of a zine as well. My problem is that I do so many different things that I wouldn't know what to do the zine about! But, if I do create one, we should definitely trade...

  4. wow Lee is waht I am saying more and more ecah time I come here! Youre really firing on all cylinders here and theres more in the pipeline! how inspirational are you? Looking forward to that zine.

    me? sporadic at best I'm afraid at the mo!


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