Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snips of a day

start of day at 7:00 am working on this page
8:00 Lab appointment
home after long day at hospital with Mom
4:00 working and finishing this page
6:00 hubby brings home Lasagna from fav Pizza joint
hanging around watching TV, computer
wearing PJ's
now are you not glad that you did not have this day, how much more excitement can one person have.
What did you do today



  1. Lee I think your day may be a bit more exciting than mine!
    I wish Dh would bring takeaway home for us for supper!!

  2. haha me too...

    7am- shower; wake up kiddo
    8:45- receive play date friend
    9:00-way too watch videos
    10:00- kids attack rubber stamp collection
    12:00- Mcdonald's..happy meals all around
    2:00-sidewalk chalk in little shade

    Mom...exhausted :)

  3. Aside from the other day to day stuff, being able to create sounds pretty fun to me! :o)

  4. Yeah...I need some take out food also...yum!

    : ) Hi Lee


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