Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rue du English-The street of the English

I loved making this page, hopefully  someday before I am to old to enjoy them, my grandchildren will look back on this book and say to my daughter, I didn't  know granny lived in France.

Well today is all about baking.  I am going to make c

chocolate chip muffins
banana chip loaf
millionaire squares
I am just in the baking mood, that does not happen to much around here as I like to also eat the baking and it does the hips some damage.  But the weather is crappy, windy and cold, imagine cold in August, I have a sweater on.  The shopper is out of town this weekend, hubby is out doing who knows what, devil dog is laying on the floor sleeping.  And I don't feel like going out, so I am going to bake and freeze it.  Still can eat it straight out of the freezer, put up your hand if you can do this.

Well enjoy what is left of Saturday and talk to you tomorrow.  I think I am back on my regular posting schedule.
And if anyone knows how to make a header smaller let me know



  1. I'll be right over! Save me some of those muffins and other goodies. I love to bake but my oven is never turned on during the summer....and that usually means it will be November before I'm baking anything.

    Love the journal page. The yellow and blue look so French.

    I'm no help with the header sizing but I love the picture you chose.

  2. I think my hips are way bigger than they should be so one more cookie wont matter! lol! love the new header, but dontknow how to minimize it!

    possibly go into the html of the blog and adjust the header size there?

  3. love the french inspired page. I think pages inspired by your own life are really great as a memory jerker and a memory saver that you can enjoy reading about yrs on!

  4. mmm yummy day in your house!

  5. Wow! Love this. I lived in France for a while, too so this resonates with me. Your art is amazing.


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