Thursday, August 26, 2010

The ARt of the Wash

A blue acrylic wash on page
found image outlined with black
favourite Picasso quotes
hand drawn bird painted with markers

Been away a few days but I have been working in my visual journal. Have you been enjoying your summer.  School does not start here until September 1.  Have been dealing with mad dog, she was running and blew out her ligament in her knee. She was operated on Tuesday and is home now, hobbling around.  Just like having another baby in the house, I thought I was done with that 21 years ago.  Well I leave you now, will be posting on a more regular basis, soon.  Have you been making much art this summer?


  1. Hi Lee. I love this painting. Very unique.


  2. lee, I adore this page! What a great idea. It also inspires an art installation of a wash line with canvases hanging to share quotations. oooooo. nice!

  3. Fantastic! You always have such unique ideas for art.

  4. Hi Lee, yes summer was fun! My son started school this year and my daughter will start preschool. More art time for me? Well one left at home so let's see.
    I enjoyed once again all your new inpsiring artwork! It's always so much fun to see what you are up too.
    Sorry to hear about your dog, hope the recovery goes fast!!!!
    So enjoy your creating art in your visual journal!!! ;) Smiles, Anke ;)


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