Friday, August 27, 2010

On the Bus

I loved making this journal page, had a blast trying the bus and stuff. 
I thought I would post some stuff about me you have always wanted to know (lol)
Married 37 years
1 child 21 years old
1 devil dog -corgi-pug
57 years old but much younger in spirit
retired from a job I had for 35 years
live in Canada
Born in Ottawa, capital of Canada
a family of 3 girls including me
1 sister died at age 55
1 sister lives in another province
mother lives in same city as me
father died at age 55
always made crafts but never found my true vision till I retired
husband and daughter do not read blog
friends do not read blog much
love to read, go to movies and do art of course
favour media of art, mixed media
want to learn to paint better
daughter moving out of house in November
dont know how I will cope with that, we are very close
when I first started my quest to find my artful self I thought I was a scrapbook
made 1 scrapbook page and decided I was not
went back to first love drawing and the rest followed

Now you know most of everything about me now its your turn



  1. My dad died at 55 too - I was just 24. Two years ago.

  2. fantastic fantastic page and enjoyed all your personal info too!

  3. Married 2 years
    No kids yet, but hopefully one day
    2 German Shepherds
    26 y.o.
    I live in the U.S.
    Born in Germany.
    a family of 4 kids, 3 girls and a boy. I'm the baby.
    We all live in different states.
    My father died when he was 35. I was 2.
    I would love more time to do arts and crafts.
    My husband and friends don't read my blog.
    It helps that I have an "identity" seperate from my name.
    I love to paint, printmake, build, and collage. I also love to be outside, take pictures, go to museums, watch tv series back to back, and read.

    enjoy September together!

  4. The bus page looks so cool. I've never been to NYC either but would love to go just to get lots of photos and ephemera to use in journaling!

    Love all the little tidbits of info about you.

  5. Love your new look to your blog it is very cool. Didn't learn too much I didn't know about you, except that your friends don't read your blog very often so I will try & improve that.


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