Monday, October 18, 2010

Free to be me

Hand drawn flower, words cut from magazine, coloured with coloured pastel, white pen, pastel background

Today: driving people who need a ride to vote for city elections
eye appointment
party tonight at headquarters if my candidate wins
dinner: left over pork tenderloin, baby potatoes, peas and salad
what are you having for dinner tonight is it leftovers


  1. Hi Lee,
    If you want to join my book club contact me at

  2. Such a great reminder! We're having pasta with spinach and artichokes...we'll see how the kids do with that. :)

  3. This page is so beautiful. I love the colors you used and the message is so perfect.

    No leftovers tonight....burgers and fries. A regular burger for HB and a veggie burger for me. We cut our own "fries" and do them in the oven. And probably a salad to go along with everything. Easy and quick!

  4. Hi Lee,
    Lurve the words {great reminder} and your picture and colours just go so well with the words.
    Happy creating,

  5. Beautiful Lee. Your dinner sounds good, for me we are having Papa Murphy's Pizza at my Sisters then watching a movie.

  6. Great the white touches...thanks again for the papers!

  7. I'm loving the polka dots

  8. Hi Lee- how awesome that you are helping people get to the polls!

    Dinner? Unsure...probably a frozen meal..could be fish or orange chicken.. too tired today for a big production and we ate the leftovers last night. :)


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