Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dumpster diving

Just a quick sketch with black pen, no erasing allowed, hence the pen.  I like drawing animals.  So be prepared to see more.  Last night at the Quirky Art Cafe, Gayle and I had fun.  Wine, cheese, crackers, dips, chip, and art what more could a girl want ?  I made a page, which I will show you tomorrow, I just have to put some journal ling on it, and worked on a couple more.  I found it very stimulating to work with other like minded people and talk about art, and techniques.
Today I am off to the Reuse Center, someplace I have always wanted to go, but never have.  The girls last night had all been there, so it sounds like my kind of place.  I will show you all my treasures tomorrow.  I am getting my Tarot cards read by Joyce over at I hope its good news I could use some now.
Okay I am off, so I leave you with this compelling question for the day

What is the best thing you have every found at a thrift store, dumpster diving, whatever?


  1. Looks like you had a great time. That drawing is really good!

    My best thrift find happened over the summer: a yellow metal + chrome bread box. I'm using it for storing sewing/embroidery supplies.


  2. Great sketch and you are brave to draw with a pen. I must have been quite freeing. I think my best find at a thrift shop was a Creamer, sugar, salt and pepper in the form of the cutest purple cows.

  3. Nice "meese"!

    Thrift store find? Many years ago I found these elastic strap rainbow platform shoes for my Halloween costume (70's girl) and I won the Halloween contest. :)


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